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  1. Anti-Bullying Policy
  2. Behaviour Policy
  3. Charges and Remissions Policy
  4. Collective Worship Policy
  5. Data Protection Policy
  6. Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
  7. Equal Opportunities Policy
  8. Exclusion Policy
  9. First Aid and Admin of Medicines Policy
  10. Health & Safety Policy
  11. Parent Volunteers Policy
  12. SEND Policy 2018-2019
  13. Sex Education and Relationship Policy
  14. Ventrus Complaints Policy
  15. Ventrus Complaints Form
  16. Ventrus Intimate Care Policy
  17. Ventrus Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2018
  18. Ventrus Trust Financial Statement
  19. Whistleblowing Policy

Pupil Premium Grant

SEND Report

P.E and Sport Grant allocation