Foundation Stage

Welcome to EYFS

In EYFS we learn through a mixture of child and adult initiated activities both inside and outside. A lot of our learning is through play.

Look at what we have been learning about:

Week Commencing:  4 February 2019

Come and look in the EYFS garden. We have worked together to sand and paint a pallet to make a new tin drumming wall. Mr Phillips helped to fix on the tins. Come and experiment with the different beaters.

Week Commencing:  3 December 2018

We have had lots of fun enjoying our reading shed this week.  Our reading shed was kindly funded by the PTFA. Thank you to everyone for supporting our children’s reading.  We love reading in it.

Week Commencing:  19 November 2018

In EYFS we have been busy exploring money. We have looked at all of the different coins and talked about their different colours, shapes and values. Some of us even did coin rubbings to look at the different pictures and numbers on each coin. It was lots of fun!

Week Commencing:  5 November 2018

In EYFS this week we had two parent events. We all enjoyed taking part in plenty of Autumn and seasonal activities.

Week Commencing:  29 October 2018

This week we have been busy counting play dough pumpkins. We had to count the same amount of pumpkins to match the numbers. It was a lot of fun!

Week Commencing:  24 September 2018

An invitation to explore colour and change was very popular in the Early Years this week. The children used pipettes and their fine motor skills to transfer and mix different coloured inks.