Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage 1!

Key Stage 1 consists of three classes.  There is a Year 1 class, a Year 1/2 class and a Year 2 class.

We enjoy a fun and creative curriculum and we try to visit as many places as we can to enhance the children’s learning experiences.  Some of our topics have included ‘The Tudors’, ‘The Fire of London’, ‘India’ and ‘Seasonal Changes’.  Every year, the children in Key Stage 1 take part in an annual Nativity where the children learn songs as well as scripted lines before performing in front of the school and family and friends.

Look at what we have been learning about:

Week Commencing:  18 March 2019

We have been exploring dance in our PE sessions this half term. We have been focusing on our feelings, working in pairs to show how we can move our bodies in different ways to demonstrate our emotions.

Week Commencing:  4 March 2019

This week we had a visit from the Cats Protection League. We learnt lots about their work helping cats and how to care for and look after our own pets.

Week Commencing:  4 February 2019

In KS1 this week we had our parent event. It was fantastic to see so many families getting involved. We focused on the celebration of Chinese New Year and created some fantastic art work including a paper mache dragon which we are looking forward to putting on display.

Week Commencing:  3 December 2018

In KS1 this week we have been busy investigating money. We have been learning about the value of different coins and looking at the different ways that coins can be combined to make the same amount of money.

Week Commencing:  19 November 2018

in KS1 this week we have been investigating the properties of 2D shapes. The children have been great at solving 2D shape riddles and finding 2D shapes in the environment.

Week Commencing:  5 November 2018

In KS1 this week we had our parent event. We had a great time making clay dragons!

Week Commencing:  29 October 2018

In KS1 we have been learning about different methods to help us subtract.  The children have been using number lines and challenging themselves to jump back in different intervals.