Chair of LGB: Mr Shane Cox

Shane Cox Biopic

Community Governor:  Miss Gina Swann

Gina Swann Biopic

Parent Governor:  Mrs Carmina Fuster Slump

Carmina Fuster Slump Biopic

Staff Governor:  Miss Jemma Quelch

Headteacher:  Mrs Rachel Olivant

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Executive Headteacher:  Mrs Ashley Leeson

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Please click on the link for the Governors Declaration of Interest:

Woodwater Declarations of Interests 2017

The Governors Declaration of Interest May 2016

Local Governing Body Terms of Reference

Local Governors’ Secure Access

Declaration of Business Interests/Attendance



Thursday 18 May 2017


Woodwater Spring 2017 LGB Minutes 27.02.17

Appendix 1 – Questions for Woodwater Spring LGB 27.02.17


Woodwater Autumn LGB Minutes 05.12.16

Appendix 1 – Questions for Woodwater Autumn LGB 05.12.16


Woodwater Summer LGB Minutes 27.04.16

Appendix 1 – Questions for Woodwater Summer LGB 27.04.16


Woodwater LGB minutes 22.02.16

Appendix 1 – Questions for Woodwater LGB 22.02.16


Woodwater Autumn LGB minutes 19.10.15

Appendix 1 – Questions for GC at LGB 19.10.15