Home-Learning At Woodwater Academy

We canvassed the views of our parents in relation to home-learning and have worked as a staff to develop a set of home-learning principles that take account of their views.  It is our view that there are many ways to support learning at home: going for a walk and chatting about what can be heard/seen; baking; gardening; art and craft, and taking part in sports are just a few.  We encourage all of our parents to support their children through these conversation rich activities wherever possible.

In order to achieve a balance of loose and tight deadline tasks, we have factored in some of each.  We have also included some traditional skills, like learning times tables, as they support learning in the classroom and can be learned in a playful way – maybe through songs and games – making home-learning more fun.

Where possible children’s home-learning will be displayed in school.  It will be marked.  If for any reason your child has been unable to take part in their home-learning, please let their teacher know.  Teachers will not remind children to complete home-learning tasks, as they are based on children developing their independent learning skills.

The table below shows an overview of what can be expected in each year group.