Lower Key Stage 2

Welcome to Years 3 and 4

In Years 3 and 4, we love to learn! We especially enjoy making powerful links between different areas of the curriculum, from writing stories in maths, to using our art and design skills as a way of engaging with ideas in history, or of getting to know our class authors. We enjoy nothing better than taking our learning outside the classroom, and love finding out about the world around us, especially through our science work.

Look at what we are learning about:

Autumn Term 2023

YR3-4 Autumn topic letter

In Year 3& 4, we have been thinking about what makes us ‘Superlearners’! We might not have much use at school for the power of flight, or mega-strength, but skills such as super-listening, extra focus, perseverance, and determination help us to get the very best out of our lessons. We love being successful, and we know that a positive attitude, together with great learning behaviours helps us to reach our goals and enjoy our days at school. 


In RE, children in Years 3 and 4 are exploring Christian ideas about the creation of the world. We have read a Bible story about creation and thought about how beautiful the world is. We have also used drama techniques to think about the way the parable of The Prodigal Son can be used by Christians to understand God as being like the loving, caring father in the Bible story. 


Our science work this week included finding out about the human digestive system. Children explored some of the key organs involved in breaking down food so that the nutrients can be used by the body, including the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. As well as labelling diagrams, children were able to visualise parts of the process of digestion through a demonstration that used food and liquids (bread, bananas, biscuits and orange juice), where the leg of a pair of tights represented the intestines!  


The children have made their own shell structures based on their product designs. They applied techniques such as cutting, measuring, joining and assembly to create their final product, which was a container to keep items such as money, jewellery and sweets safe! Children thought carefully about how to use materials to strengthen parts of their product or make compartments to store special items in. 

Spring Term 2024

Year 3-4 Spring Topic Letter


We have been learning ways to keep safe when using the internet, knowing the possible dangers and consequences of talking online to people we don’t know. Children can name the positives of using technology, for example using programs like TT Rock Stars, Spelling Shed and Accelerated Reader to help us with our learning. They are also aware of the potential negatives, understanding the difference between safe and risky choices, and how to choose well to keep themselves safe and happy. 

You can learn more here: https://saferinternet.org.uk/guide-and-resource/young-people/resources-for-3-11s


In PE, Years 3 and 4 are developing their gymnastics skills. With expert guidance from Mr Tyrell, they have been learning how to perform a sequence of balances, including with a partner, and using a range of apparatus with increasing control. The basic gymnastic positions of ‘straight’, ‘pike’, ‘tuck’, ‘star’ and straddle have been incorporated into their work as they develop confidence in holding different shapes on mats and using large apparatusAs a reminder, children need to have their full PE kits in school throughout the week, including appropriate shoes and jogging bottoms or leggings for outdoor PE.