Projects Funded by WAPTA

Woodwater Academy Parent Teacher Association

Our school is very lucky to have an active PTA, with volunteers and helpers committed to raising much need extra money for extra resources to contribute to our children’s development and learning that would not available through the yearly budget. We are always very grateful to all the willing parents and carers, as well as the many families who attend the events we hold, who give their valuable time to help.

At the end of the year in 2021, after a very difficult couple of years fundraising we purchased a slide for the field and was installed a few weeks before the end of the Summer Term. The children were really excited to see it go in and couldn’t wait to have a go on it during break and lunch times.



Thank you to Rhino Play South West, a local company based in Newton Abbott for installing the slide

PTA Contribution: £3,262.00



Each year the PTA pay the cost of year books for the Year 6 leavers. These are really popular with the children and are a lovely reminder of their time at Woodwater Academy, with a page for each child and photos of trips and fun activities they took part in whilst at school.

PTA Contribution: around £650.00 – £750.00 each year



At the end of 2019 for the start of the new school year in September, the PTA donated money to the school to invest in some new ICT equipment for each unit. These iPads and other computer equipment help aid the delivery of a high quality computing curriculum as well as general use in the school day for completing Accelerated Reader quizzes, times table rock star and spelling shed.

PTA Contribution: £5,500.00.



During 2019, the ICT equipment and comms systems in the hall were updated to provide the school with modern facilities to use when putting on productions and to assist with PE lessons. The PTA match funded the sugar tax fund scheme. PTA Contribution: £4,500.00

In September 2019, together with a Ward Community Grant gifted by the council, the PTA paid for a brand-new shed for our Green Team. Green team is one of the after-school clubs run by the school during each term.  Community Grant: £300.00 PTA Contribution: £250.00

Each year, the PTA help to run a class cake sale every month with kind donations from parents and carers from each class. The children really enjoy the competition, with the class raising the most money at the end of the year winning a prize! All the money raised during the cake sales goes to directly towards funding the maintenance of the swimming pool; a fabulous asset that all the children benefit from.  PTA Yearly Contribution: £1,000.00



Each year just before Christmas the PTA, together with funding from parents and carers, contribute to the pantomime performed by M&M Productions. ‘Oh no we didn’t!!…’   PTA Contribution: around £200.00 – £250.00 each.

In September 2018, as part of a unit grant scheme run by the PTA during that years funding, we paid for a reading shed, new reading chairs and construction equipment for the children in Reception. These resources have been used and enjoyed by all the children going through reception since 2018.  Unit Grant: £300.00















During the Academic year of 2016/2017 the PTA raised money to renovate the outside classroom at the top of the field. Over the summer the work was carried out and in September 2017 it was reopened. It also featured in Primary Times that term!   PTA Contribution: £4570.00

Previous to 2015, the PTA funded the Castle on the school field. This has been enjoyed by all the children going through the school during play times and lunch times.  PTA Contribution: £10,000.00