The structure of our school…

We teach our children in four “Units”.  Each unit has three classes and these classes are named after famous children’s authors, as we are working hard to improve our reading standards across the school.

1. The Foundation Stage Unit (Nursery and Reception Classes)

Mrs Weeks “Rosen class” (Nursery)

Mrs Kerswell “Donaldson class” (Reception)

Mrs Sandbach and Miss Dashwood “Inkpen class” (Reception)

2. The Key Stage 1 Unit (Year 1 and Year 2 Classes)

Mrs Andrews “Murphy class” (Year 1 & 2)

Mrs Jones and Miss Puttick “Ahlberg class” (Year 2)

Mrs Lockett and Mrs Zawadski “Browne class” (Year 1 & 2).

3. The Lower Key Stage 2 Unit (Year 3 and Year 4 Classes)

Miss Osman “Smith class” (Year 3 & 4)

Miss Barrett “Dahl class” (Year 3 & 4)

Mrs Laver “Blyton class” (Year 4)

The Upper Key Stage 2 Unit (Year 5 and Year 6 Classes)

Miss Davies “Rowling class” (Year 5 & 6)

Mr Wilding and Mrs Kay “Morpurgo class” (Year 5 & 6)

Miss Mothersele “Shakespeare class” (Year 6)

Mr Roberts “Horowitz class” (Year 6)

Each unit accommodates approximately 90 children. Class groupings are reviewed every year and reorganised to meet the needs of individual groups of children.


School Leadership

Head Teacher:  Rachel Olivant

Deputy Head:    Sarah Price (Acting)

EYFS Leader:     Nikki Kerswell

Y1/2 Leader:      Laura Jones

Y3/4 Leader:      Jocelyn Laver

Y5/6 Leader:      Sarah Price

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator:  Lorraine Puttick

CEO of Ventrus Trust:   Gary Chown

Chair of Local Governing Body:  Shane Cox

Siblings in the same year group, including twins

From the academic year 13-14, during their time in EYFS and KS1, twins will be taught in the same class.  Once children move into KS2, where we start to expect greater levels of independence from all children, twins will be taught in separate classes.  The Head teacher will take account of exceptional circumstances, on an individual basis.